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Concord XXI LTD is the leading Ukrainian coil nail manufacturer, founded in 2002
The company was the first to manufacture innovative coil nails in Ukraine, which are used for working with pneumatic nailers.  We conduct training, provide consultations, assist domestic manufacturers of wooden containers with purchasing the necessary equipment, as well as provide repair and maintenance of the new equipment.


In 2005 Concord XXI LTD was the first to start production of coil nails for use in automatic and semi-automatic lines of pallet production. Working closely with our clients, the company quickly reacted to all current market needs and continues to evolve its line of products and relationship with business partners.

In 2007, as the result of this on-going development, the company increased its production capacity and greatly broadened the range of products.


In 2010 Concord XXI LTD received the EPAL license for nail production and assembling of EUR-EPAL pallets.  Concord XXI LTD is the reliable nail supplier for the majority of leading Ukrainian companies that produce pallets, euro pallets, and other wooden containers and structures.

In 2017 Concord XXI LTD invested in new equipment, launched new lines and significantly increased manufacturing capacity to meet the growing market demand.

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